Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Chapter 1


My name is Artemis Amazon and I am a Hunter, a Hunter of the Cities. I am part of the Sydney division but you don’t need to know that, you still won’t see us; no one ever does even when we do great things. Our hideout is underneath the Royal Botanic Gardens that is where we eat, sleep, train and pretty much live our lives. We are assigned a mentor when we are six years old then we are known as apprentice, only when Chief thinks that we are ready will we become a full Hunter. My mentor is Samantha and she really nice. Say we have to shoot 6 dummies while hanging upside-down Samantha would be all like:

“Oh, no Chief, Arty did that yesterday!” or “We did that last week”

Which I probably did do yesterday or we did do that last week. You are probably thinking that this life is the best that exists. But I haven’t told you about the bad guys yet. You know that rule every good guy has at least ten bad guys? Yeah, well our bad guys call themselves The Poachers. Every two months or so The Poachers seem to find one of our many secret ways into our hideout and then we are in big trouble or so they think. Well if you still want to be a Hunter than keep on reading, if you don’t then close the blog instantly.

My stomach grumbled as I stared at the clock (it doesn’t even have any numbers how does that qualify as a clock); anyway it was taking forever for the black long minute hand to move to lunch. After lunch every day we have sport with Mr. Elwood, he teaches us lots of cool things like rollerblading (though I doubt that’s ever going to be useful). Except on Fridays, then we get the whole day with our mentors.

I was in the middle of class with my teacher Miss Pine. I looked at the desk in front of me and saw the blonde wavy hair of one of my best friends, Arrow. I took the risk to take a quick side way glance at my other best friend, Robin, he was staring at me strangely but whenever I look at him he would start smiling like it was the last thing he was ever going to do. I was paying more attention to Robin’s strange behavior so I only caught little snippets of whatever Miss Pine was talking about.

The boring beige (really?) classroom wasn’t helping; it complemented Miss Pine’s droning so well that most of the other students were being bored to sleep, or had dropped off already.

Except Albert, he was staring intently at Miss Pine and taking notes at the same time (who takes notes these days, that’s what the internet is for).

Albert is weird.

“The Sydney division is one of the many divisions around the world. Every major city has a division, name any city and it will most likely have a division,” informed Miss Pine (already knew that blahly blah), “In fact that can be your homework, name every city that has a division, it is due on Monday.”

(Wha? But there’s like FIFTY! And that only the ones I can remember)

I groaned inwards, Arrows pencil went flying across the classroom to embed itself into the chalk board, and Robin made a sound similar to dying zombie cat. The rest of the class was more or less reasonable about the homework and didn’t really care… except for Albert who had already started.

Like I said; Albert is weird.

That was when the lunch bell rang; Robin and I went for the door while Arrow went to retrieve her pencil and met us outside in the hallway. The hallway was long Along the mostly silver and somewhat white walls you could see little dents in the wall from previous battles and occasionally some burns.

“I don’t want to do the homework!” complained Arrow.
"It's home work, nobody does," Robin said ruefully. 

The hallway was now filling quite rapidly with other lunch goers. We spotted Bow and waved him over to join us.

“Hey, they put up the list of people that are going to watch over the Australia day fireworks, Chief thinks that the Poachers are going to try something,” He announced as he came over to join us, Bow is Arrow’s twin brother and according to Arrow he is very annoying.

“Why do you think that?” Arrow asked.

“I have my sources,” Bow said with a smirk.
“What sources?”
“Remember that spy fly (it was awesome, Arrow actually made it herself, because she wasn’t feeling too annoyed at Bow) you gave me for my birthday?”

(He said like he was the smartest person on earth which he isn’t, because I can think of heaps of smarter people, one of which is standing right next to me)

(…Wait, wait… He spied on the Chief?! )

Arrow just growled in frustration. These little fights are really common and amusing.

“Well let’s hope they do because we’re on the list,” said Robin who had gone ahead to look at the list and had tuned out of the beginning of one of Bow and Arrow famous arguments.

Robin!” everyone cried together.

Robin put up his hands up as a sign of surrender, “What? I just saying it-”

That was when I decided it cut in, “The Poachers are merciless; they would attack or kill us as soon as they see us, it would not be awesome… Wait, did you say we were on the list?”

I moved over to where everyone was crowding around the list, not even waiting him to answer my question. I took a copy rather than brave the crowd and moved over to where everyone was waiting.

We all stared at the list.

Bow took it out of my hands and read it out loud, “Lupa Rouge, Saffron Sylvia and Lulu Lupita are on the Maritime Time Museum. Javor Jago, Rino Rimo, Tobiah and Tabatha are on the Convention Center,” and last were, “Artemis Amazon, Robin Hollis, Arrow and Bow Quiver are on the bridge,” he finished.

“Apparently the bridge is the best place to be!” Robin exclaimed, “…and how come you get to have so cool names,” he said with a frown.

Everyone just laughed and started to go to the training rooms.
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