Saturday, 15 June 2013


Sydney Botanical Gardens
Image Sourced from; The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust
The Hunters of the Cities is a story about a civilization of hunters based in various cities (you probably gathered that from the title). This story looks at the Sydney division which live underneath the Botanical Gardens in their huge hideout.

The main character is Artemis Amazon, she is an athletic 12 year old girl. She has black hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. She is an average hunter but she has been singled out by the Poachers for a reason she does not know, the Chief seems to have some idea, but there is no way he’s going to tell Artemis, right?

Arrow Quiver is one of Artemis’s friends. She has wavy blond hair and brown eyes. She is a technical genius and can hack into almost anything. She has a twin brother that in her opinion is really annoying.

Saffron Sylvia is one of Artemis’s other friends. She has long red hair and green eyes. She is very nice to her friends and she doesn’t really joke around.

Bow Quiver is Arrow’s brother and he hangs out with Artemis and the girls. He has beefy frame, blonde hair and brown eyes and when he wears his hoodie he looks like Jack.

Robin Hollis is Bow’s best friend. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is the joker of the group and the one that gets them in trouble a lot. So Artemis doesn’t really let him do things for the group.

Jack Vidar, the school bully is usually in detention all the time. He fights with everyone when he gets the chance and everyone is scared of him (except for Saffron). He looks like Bow with blonde hair and brown eyes. The two look so alike that sometimes Jack’s dimwitted group gets them mixed up and sometimes tells Bow some secrets or pranks that they are going to do to someone. When that happens Bow tells the group and they then usually alter the prank so it targets them.