Sunday, 10 November 2013

Chapter 4

I landed with a thud and kept on running. As I jumped over to the next building, I looked down at the hustle and bustle of the streets below.
It rules being a hunter, you just go straight over the normal people, no one pushing you around to places and you get places way quicker.
Land, run, jump, land, run, jump, land, run, jump.
With Robin, Bow and Arrow right behind me, we reached Darling Quarter in no time. Unfortunately we couldn’t just waltz through because they were checking everybody’s bags. If they looked through any of our bags we would probably be arrested. I noticed that Arrow was breathing heavily so I decided to think about the problem for a few minutes on our perch on the Entertainment Theatre.
“Why are we stopping?” asked Robin.
I answered him with a condescending tone, “Well how do you think we are going to get past them or get through that big crowd without being notice, four kids wearing dark colours and walking through a really crowd place like that everyone would think we were up to something –”
“Ah, but we are up to something” Robin cut me off.
I just gave him a death stare; he’s unfortunately immune to being scolded.
“And any of those people could be a Poacher,” I continued, “You guys see if you can find a way around.”
I went and talked to Arrow who was taking a breather.
“You OK?” I asked, as I got her water bottle out of her bag and gave it to her
“Yeah, just a little bit tired,” she replied before taking a sip.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have run so quickly, but the boys think they can out run me,” I apologised as I sat down next to her.
She muttered something under her breath that I didn’t quite catch.
“What?” I questioned.
“I said sometimes I don’t feel like I can contribute anything to the group,” she sighed, “I mean Saffron is so kind to her friends, but would send an arrow right through someone’s eyes if anyone was mean to any of us. Robin always looks on the bright side of everything and makes everyone laugh. Bow is like the best brother you could have, and you… You are an all-rounder and the best at pretty much everything.”
“That is so not true, you can offer heaps of things to the group,” I whispered to her, “like your brains because I’m pretty sure the boys are finding it hard to find a way to get in,” I said as we got up and went over to the boys.
And true to word, Arrow spotted a way to get in straight away.
“We just have to follow the monorail, and then when we get to the bridge we have to get underneath the bridge,” she said like it was the easiest thing to come up with.
“Well… Wouldn’t our faces get smashed to pieces if we jumped from the bridge?” said Robin.
“Does ‘get underneath’ mean we jump?” replied Arrow, “we just need to get a closer look, and then I will find out how to get underneath.”

We made it to the bridge without any dilemma. We went the way Arrow suggested, with Arrow at the front. Robin and I were keeping watch, while Arrow and Bow are trying to find a way to get to the beams underneath.
“The police are coming this way,” Robin said though the com-link.
I signalled for Arrow and Bow to blend in with the crowd and Robin stayed out of the police line of sight. While I blended in with the crowd like Bow and Arrow, the police with their blue uniforms went right past me.
I was just about to contact the rest of the gang, when I felt someone watching me. I turned to see everyone in their colourful summer clothes talking, walking and watching the concert on the stage, (it’s probably nothing) I turned back to try and find Arrow and Bow to see if they have found a way to get underneath the bridge.
The whole time I kept on thinking that someone was following me.
I found my team five minutes later, Robin was already there and they were arguing about something.
Arrow spotted me and argued, “I think Arty should do it.”
“What exactly am I doing?” I said, freaking the boys out.
“Don’t do that!” Bow cried while spinning around to face me, just to see me laughing along with Arrow.
“So what am I doing?” I said between laughs.
“You are going to jump of the bridge backwards and shoot a rope arrow so it attaches to the underneath and then the rest of us will use the rope to get under,” Robin said with a cheeky smile.

“I’m doing what now?” I said; my smile suddenly not there anymore.




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