Thursday, 24 April 2014

Chapter 6

It was nearly nine and the bridge had moved back to form a bridge instead of a bridge with a gap in it. The fireworks were about to begin and we were all quiet as we scanned the area looking for any suspicious looking people.
All the civilians that were gathered
“Why aren't you looking for the Poachers?” Robin asked Arrow.
“Well I was thinking, what if the Poachers already have rigged something. They have had a lot of time to, so why shouldn't they have it would be a lot easier than planning an attack and risk getting caught by the police,” Arrow answered, that caught Bow and mine attention we all stared at her in horror.
The crowed started the count down.
“Ten. Nine. Eight.”
“And why didn't you tell us earlier? The prime minster is down there he could get killed because you didn't tell us this. If you told us earlier we could have stopped it but now he might die! Or was that one thing you didn't think of?” Bow said suddenly all serious.
“Four. Three. Two”
“Have your bows ready, be ready for anything and be ready to move out” I screamed at them, we all have our bags packed and bows ready.
We all watched horrified as the dock the prime minster was on exploded in a burst of flames, the crowed just stared in shock at the spot the dock used to be. Someone screamed and then everyone started running in fear that there would be another explosion.
“Help the prime minster!” Saffron voice crackled through my com-link.
“Guys, move it,” I ordered while going towards the rope, “I am going for the prime minster, Robin, you cover me. Arrow go and see if there are any more bombs and disarm them, Bow you cover her. ”
We all slid down the rope like a fireman’s pole and landed in the water with a tiny splash. The water was cold, actually it was freezing but it warmed up as soon as you started moving. We moved through the water like arrows (see what I did there?), we got to the rubble of the dock in no time where we split up; I went to find the prime minster with Robin hot on my trail.
“It’s too dark, I can’t see anything!” Robin shouted to be heard over all the screams.
“Did you bring you night vision goggles by any chance?”
“I think so.”
“Well put them on and tell me where he is”
“Wait for it,” he said while getting his night vision goggles out of his bag. “Got them,” he said while slipping them on.
“Have I ever told you how funny you look with those goggles on?” I said suppressing a giggle.
“Ha ha, very mature,” he answered, “if you turn left then right he should be there.”
“What! Oh right, the prime minster, nearly forgot”
“The Chief will kill you if he heard what you just said.”

“What he doesn't know doesn't hurt him,” I said, “Are we going to save the prime minster, or not?” I said to Robin before following his orders and finding the prime minster right were he said he would be.
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